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Laser® Kit

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Laser® Kit

Laser® Kit is the complete kit designed to reduce the wear and tear, friction and possible failure.

Model:  PML003

Techical Details

Specifications and Applications

Stripes of UHMWPE with with acrylic adhesive on liner:
-2 stripes 500 micron (20mil) translucent, 51mm (2") wide, 200mm (8") long (PML001) 
-2 stripes 125 micron (5mil) translucent, 17mm (0.67") and 30mm (1" 1/4), 2m (2.2yds) long for snug fit of top and bottom sections of the mast (PML004)
-1 stripe 250 micron (10mil) translucent, 34mm (1.34") , 150mm (6") for the tiller abrasion
-1 stripe 250 micron (10mil) translucent, 150mm (6") x 300mm (12") for the outhaul
-5 squares of 125 micron (10mil) translucent, 30 x 30mm (1"1/5 x 1" 1/5) for the centre board (PML007)

-2 disks of UHMWPE, 1mm, translucent diameter 65mm (PML002)

Crystal clear PET clamshell with eurohole and barcode.