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On going stock take, operations and order delivery will resume 30 May 2024.
On going stock take, operations and order delivery will resume 30 May 2024.


T10 Sustainability Policy

T10 are committed to encompassing sustainability practices and expectations in all aspects of our activities. products and supply chains.Sustainability is a core theme in our business ethos and consideration of new brands to our platform will include stringent sustainability criteria and performance expectations.We will work with all our Brands to be transparent and honest on their programs and continual initiatives to reduce impacts in everything they do.We strive to reduce packaging materials and enhance the use of recycled and recyclable materials inour activities and those of our partners and brands.Where appropriate. T10 will review, advise and support our brands on embracing and developing appropriate and practical sustainability initiativesThe founders are also keen to ensure that support for local environmental projects are supported in addition to supporting the next generation of sailors and ocean lovers, in particular those that may not be fortunate enough to enjoy it

Key Brand Sustainability Information Gill

We are committed to making our brand as sustainable as possible and to reducing our impact on the environment.From products and materials. to where and how we manufacture. all the way through to how we deliver the finished product to the consumer.As a Marine brand. we have a vested interest in ensuring our oceans. beaches and coastlines are free from damaging pollution and unsightly plastic waste.We are continuously looking for additional ways to reduce plastic from within our business including:

• Changing all of our polybags so they are 100%
• Packaging on accessories and removing single use
   plastics where we can.
• Reducing the weight of our
 plastic bags by 50%.

In addition to this we have stopped supplying plastic hangers with garments and all of our packaging. catalogues. header cards and swing tickets will be printed on recycled paper or card and will be 100% recyclable