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Gas Solenoid Valve 12V 1/4

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Gas Solenoid Valve 12V 1/4

The Nereus VAL-12V-RP gas solenoid valves contain a micro-circuit to reduce power consumption and improve reliability. The circuit provides a pulse of current for a few seconds to open the valve and then automatically reduces to a much lower holding current. This system provides a reliable on/off switching action over the full voltage range with much reduced power consumption.

These valves feature a stainless steel body and also run much cooler than normal solenoid valves which improves their reliability.

 Valves are supplied fitted with 1m of marine grade cable.

Model:  SAF3230

    Techical Details

    Operating Voltage - 12Vdc (10 to 16V)
    Switching current - 1A
    Continuous holding current - 0.3A
    Continuous holding power - 3.6W
    Valve body material - Stainless steel 303
    Cable fitted - 1m, marine grade
    Gas inlet/outlet threads - 1/4 BSPP