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On going stock take, operations and order delivery will resume 30 May 2024.
On going stock take, operations and order delivery will resume 30 May 2024.

Jonbuoy Glo Lite Danbuoy & Horseshoe

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Jonbuoy Glo Lite Danbuoy & Horseshoe

Recovering a man overboard can be an extremely hazardous operation for both the crew and the casualty, regardless of vessel size. The Jon Buoy MOB range is designed to aid in this operation, by increasing vital visibility and drawing attention to the MOB and will also offer protection to the casualty leading to reduced casualty time before recovery, for a more positive rescue outcome.

The Jon Buoy range also incorporates innovative retro-reflective Glo Lite technology.
Glo Lite significantly enhances the visibility of the hi-vis fabric, making it highly reflective and increasing perception during dark conditions, thus aiding location.

The combination of danbuoy and horseshoe conforms to the World Offshore Sailing Regulations and is a natural extension of the original inflatable Jon Buoy Danbuoy. This easy-to-fit solution comes with a high-impact casing, rail-mounting cradle, inflatable danbuoy, inflatable horseshoe, whistle, and danbuoy light.

    Techical Details

    • Meets requirements of World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations
    • Quick and easy to use
    • Highly visible
    • Lightweight
    • Automatic inflation
    • 33g cylinder for the danbuoy
    • 38g cylinder for the horseshoe
    • Automatic danbuoy light
    • Optional light for the inflatable horseshoe
    • White or carbon style hard cases