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Optional Aquaspec AQ40S High-Performance LED Light for Inflatable Horseshoe

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The AQ40S is a unique flashing lifejacket light, automatically water activated by the sensor points or manually at the touch of a button. Its unique size and shape, combined with ease of attachment, has made the AQ40S ideal for fitment to an inflatable lifejacket, suitable for both leisure and commercial applications.

  • Powerful white flashing LED dome light
  • With built-in sensor
  • Manual and automatic water activation
  • Functional and simple design
  • Fixing clip designed for easy attachment
  • Compact design
  • Maintenance-free five year battery life
  • Tamper-proof

AQ40S Product Sheet

Model:  SLIF2070

    Techical Details

    • Colour White LED
    • Activation Water Auto / Manual
    • Dimensions 50mm (h) x 22mm (w) x 31mm (d)
    • Weight 29 grams
    • Battery Type Lithium
    • Output Minimum 2.5cd Light
    • Duration Minimum 40hrs Light
    • Storage Life 5 Years from Date of Manufacture
    • Approvals SOLAS (LSA Code), IMO Res MSC 81(70), ISO24408

    MED Shipswheel approved 0474/12