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by Antal
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Mini snap loop in Dyneema, Ø 5, SWL 1000 kg

Model: SL5S

The use of Dyneema lines, characterized by high stiffness and strength and by excellent smoothness, resulted in the development of new equipment that exalts these properties. First the fastenings called “soft-links”: Dyneema loops and snap-loops that replace shackles, snap-shackles and other metal connections. The Dyneema loops that Antal realizes are Mini snap loop, with thin Dyneema lines, Snap loop with cover and Snap loop without cover. The line cover protects Dyneema from wearing, while a loop without cover bears on equal diameter higher loads. Finally, Dog bones allow you to prepare personalized loops.

Techical Details

Length (L) 50 cm
Dyneema Ø 5 mm
For loop type Single
SWL *1000 kg
Material Dyneema
* Notes Calculated with a single loop
D 100 mm